Lidya Construction is one of the first construction companies that specialized in infrastructure projects and industrial plants in Turkey and also developes projects for all the sub disciplines of real-estate investment.

Having an integrated project development vision, Lidya Construction, specialized in particular project constructions as Wastewater Treatment Systems, Deep Sea Discharges and Wastewater Collectors.

Lidya Construction succesfully accomplished projects that developes concessive specialization as Steel Constructions, Global LPG, Cylindrical Petroleum Tanks and added construction and operation works to the field of activities such as Sludge Drying and Burning Plants, Natural Gas and Petroleum Piping Lines and Solid Waste Depots.

Lidya Construction that has a signature under many valuable projects in Government Contracting works and also developes residence and trade center projects supporting urban transformation with its real-estate developer identity.

Lidya Construction acts as a bridge between today and future with its qualified human resources and innovative management approach for real-estate investment with the experience of half a century.

Awarding Lidya Constructions life of half a century with new achievements and carrying its international quality understanding to the future by building up real-estate projects that are inspiring from a better life and in harmony with nature.

Forming an institutional structure that is bound to the legal regulations and moral principles of construction sector, prioritising customer satisfaction at all stages of the projects, assuring at all the levels and adding new achievements to the ones gained in half a century.