Kadikoy Treatment Plant

Main Units of the Plant

1- Treatment Plant: Entrance Tunnel Coarse Screen Emergency Penstock  Pre-treatment Plant  Waste Oil Tank Exit Vault    Exit Pumping Station    Debimeter Reservoir    Odor Control Unit    Energy Sales Center and Transformer Building    Garage and Workshop Building    Accessary Pumping Station     Management Building     Watchmen Buildings   Basin Storage Area

2- Sea Discharge : 2.308.00 mm long sea Discharge line with D= 2.172 mm inside diameter t=31,8 mm thickness  ferroconcrete covered steel pipe.

Lidya, got the Anatolian Side locals with their sea together again with Kadikoy Wastewater Pre-Treatment  Plant and Sea Discharge. LIDYA Construction, completed this 100% exteriror credit financed and 60.000.000 Euro investment valued project in such a short time like 3 years. Kadikoy Wastewater Pre-Treatment  Plant and Sea is a part of decontaminating the Marmara Sea studies started by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Istanbul Water and Sewerage Management General Directorate. Project consists of wastewater treatment of Kartal, Maltepe, Umraniye, Uskudar and Kadikoy regions and letting out the prufied water to habitat. Wastewater collected from wastewater basin with collectors and networks are brought to the plant with 4.000 mm diameter wastewater tunnel. Wastewater that enters the system, first purified from its large waste pieces by coarse screens inside the inlet pumping station, then transferred to the pre-treatment unit by 8 wastewater pumps that are present in this plant. Wastewater taken into pre-treatment plant is sent to exit pumping station by passing through fine screens, sand and oil holders respectively. Wastewater collected in the exit pumping station basin, let out with 22.308 mm long sea discharge line manufactured with 2.172 mm diameter inside and 2.635 mm outside diameter ferroconcrete covered steel pipes, with 8 wastewater pump to the deep current of the Bosphorus entrance of the Marmara Sea.  Plant ensured cleaning of the coast line of Kadıköy neglected for years where people were not allowed to swim. 

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