Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ASAT Gen. Dir.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Asat Gen. Dir. East Lara Region Treatment Plant Deep Sea Discharge

The total 3.165,37 m. long submarine discharge pipeline of which on shore part is 940,50 m. long and the off shore part is 2.224,87 m. long, is constructed from Ø 1200 HDPE (PE 100) PN 6 pipes. To obtain the discharge of wastewater       at -21,39 m. sea level, 21 pieces of Ø 300 mm. diffusers from AISI 316 Stainless Steel are mounted on the 150 m. diffuser pipe.

The completely embedded discharge submarine line is layed down to seabed by trenching works on every type of seabed soil.

And at the last stage the whole trench and pipeline have backfilled by considering the concern about safetty of deep sea morphology and protection of the pipeline against external risks.

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