Construction of Kadikoy Pretreatment Plant and Sea Discharge

Istanbul Water and Sewerage Management Gen. Dir. (ISKI) Construction of Kadikoy Pretreatment Plant and Sea Discharge.

Lidya Construction was the pilot company with 90% share in the joint venture with BPR from Canada. Under his responsibility Lidya Construction has realized the complete construction of the plant and  the whole submarine discharge pipeline.

 94.500 m³ concrete pouring works has been carried out. Also totally 850 m. Ø 1200 mm. GRP underground piping and and 1.200 m. piping above ground level with pipe diameters varying from Ø 200 mm. up to Ø 400 mm. has been carried out through the plant on shore.

The construction of submarine pipes and pipeline as well was a real success story including innovative inventions.

At first stage, the biggest challange was to manufacture the pipes which was the main part of the submarine line. To manage this, a steel platform with 160 m. length and 8% inclination including welding and concrete covering stations has been constructed at site. On this platform; Ø 2172 mm. pre-manufactured steel pipes with 12 m./segment length and 31,8 mm. wall thickness were covered with 205 mm. ferroconcrete containing  mesh reinforcements. 

To manage this huge concrete covering work, Lidya team invented a very innovative vibration mechanism which one was required after the job by another very big Turkish Construction group. At the same time 55.160 m³ of submarine trenching works were carried out. The 12 m. feeroconcrete covered segments were welded together to get 24 m. sections ready for laying down by ?Bottom Pulling Method? with steel ropes that are placed on the opposite shore, to 3m. wide trench. Also by high degree inclination changes on the seabed, specially designed flexible joints were used in order to provide the necessary flexibility of the pipeline.

And at the last stage the whole trench and pipeline have backfilled by considering the safety regulations concerning deep sea morphology protection. 

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